The Coast Capital AGM is tomorrow, and the Board is expected to make a motion to have the Ballots destroyed.

Yesterday, Coast Capital told the candidates their “Election” results. We know of no Candidate that was elected, that was not also recommended by the Board itself. That is not right. And as part of tomorrow’s agenda, the Board will ask members to vote on destroying the ballots before an independent auditor can verify the results.

There will be over 100 Coast Capital Managers and Executives paid to be there at the AGM to ensure that there is quorum and that all Director Motions pass, including the one to destroy the ballots. That’s not right.
Magician Holding a Magic Wand

Is this what you expect from your credit union?

Want to help fix Coast Capital?
We need members like you to attend tomorrow’s AGM so members can have their say. That is a Coast Capital Slogan. Let’s make it more than a slogan! Let’s make it the reality.

But members will only be able to have their say if you and hundreds of members like you attend the AGM tomorrow.

Live on the Island and think it is too far to travel to the AGM?
That is what the Board is Banking on! Member apathy!
Coast Capital used to hold AGMs on the Island. They used to provide transportation for members to the AGM. They used to listen to members and want them there. Now, they hold their AGM’s in Surrey away from those members on the Island who are most concerned about how their Credit Union is being run. The Board relies on Apathy so that the Board can “Have Their Say”, not members. If you are on the Island, you need to come. Talk to other members, organize a bus, car-pool. The Board needs to hear from member from the Island. Members like you!

Do not think that attending the AGM on-line is enough!
Votes at the AGM are done by “Show-of-Hands” and the Board relies on Member apathy to ensure that they win every vote. Members who are on-line will not get a chance to raise their hand. Last year, the Board closed the AGM early while dozens still had more to say. We expect the same this year. That’s not right.
Directors - Be a Buddy, not a Bully

Come to the AGM, meet Phil Embley and have your say.

Bring your Smartphones. Record the action. Last year, the AGM recording posted only contained the Directors and their PowerPoint presentations, but none of the questions from members. We can fix that too if enough members show up.

We do not know the results of the Director Election yet, nor do we know the results of the vote on the Special Resolutions, all will be revealed tomorrow at the AGM. What we do know is that members have told us that they were disappointed with how Coast Capital placed their own bias within the election material. Democracy and Credit Unions only work when members take the time to participate. Be there.
Let's Take Back Our Credit Union

The AGM is tomorrow at 5pm in Surrey at the Sheraton Guildford Hotel. Be there and be heard. Member’s matter.

Click here for more information on the AGM time and location.

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