Have you received your Coast Capital Board of Governor’s election ballot yet?

Your vote matters! Thanks to your efforts in the last election, we have made quite a difference to the governance of Coast Capital. With your help, we forced the removal of Bill Wellburn from the Board, as well as helped the CEO move on. While we have much more work to do, FICOM tells us that we should be proud of the changes that we have helped make happen at Coast Capital.

The voting package contains recommendations on how to vote.
We think Members are smarter than that. Read the descriptions of the candidates and make up your own mind. It is your credit union. Vote your way!

Want to know how we will vote?
We prefer to vote for the non-recommended candidates which we feel will help bring more diverse views and more member focus to Coast Capital’s Board. For your vote to count, remember that you MUST vote for the exact number of candidates as there are positions to fill: Three! Our first pick is Mark Latham. He is an excellent candidate and has been working with us for years to help restore member control to Coast Capital Savings Credit Union. He is a strong believer in democratic reforms and was instrumental in helping us write up our Special Resolutions last year. But please do not take our word for it, read the election material and make up your own minds. Members are smart. You do not need us to make a recommendation.

Mark Latham has worked with us to help Restore Member Control to Coast Capital. Here he is helping us deliver our Special Resolution Signed Petitions to Coast Capital Headquarters last year.

Mark Latham has worked with us to help Restore Member Control to Coast Capital. Here he is helping us deliver our Special Resolution Signed Petitions to Coast Capital Headquarters last year.

We know Mark Latham very well and he has worked with us for several years in our fight for restoring Member control in BC Credit Unions. He donated his time and money to help restore member control at Coast Capital. You can see Mark in the picture above when he helped us deliver our signed petitions to Coast Capital Head Quarters last year. He’s a nice guy.

If you feel that Coast Capital’s slogan “Have Your Say” should be more than just a slogan, then please Vote for Mark. He has been working to restore democracy in cooperative organizations for over 20 years.

If you have not received your ballot yet, please go pick one up at any branch. Read the material and make up our own minds. It is your Credit Union. Your vote matters!

10 thoughts on “Have you received your Coast Capital Board of Governor’s election ballot yet?

  1. Hi there Phil, And Greetings from the UK—-from the spot where I now live just upriver from Henry 8’s Hampton Court Palace. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that Mark is able to break the establishment slate. It was so good to see that you’re still keeping up the fight to democratize Coast Capital!! To be damn sure it still needs it!! Warmest best wishes, John Fryer.


  2. There is a certain humour to be found in telling us we are smart enough to come to our own conclusions, while having a long commentary regarding one candidate. The humour is that Coast Capital does this every election 😉 BTW, I’m also voting for Mark. There is still a way to go, however, regarding changes needed. We still need to get rid of the requirement to have to vote for the number of vacancies (I can’t really find 3 people I want to vote for!) And we still need to equalize the “recommended” and “non-recommended” candidates in the publication, so there isn’t such a blatant bias in the voting materials. The annual general meeting is in Victoria this year, so I will try to attend. I have a few questions to ask about what the intent is with that nearly $1 billion of member’s money (profits) now in retained earnings, where that money is, and how it is invested. Inquiring minds want to know…

    • Great points Art.
      That $1 Billion should be returned to members as dividends like they used to be back before this Board took control and change things to their advantage in 2007.

      You are right about us telling members that they are smart, yet we still make recommendations. We realize the irony of this, but what we say is true. We believe members ARE smart. We are members ourselves and have met and talked with so many members that know what is going on but are frustrated because they feel helpless. That is where we try to help organize members and create Special Resolutions to restore Coast Capital back to its roots.

      So why do we tell you how we will vote in the same breadth as telling members to think for themselves. Because members have asked us. Members are busy and the election information available to them is too sparse and too biased. We prefer members decide for themselves based on the candidates qualifications, not on recommendations (ours or Coast Capital’s). We let people know who we vote for because that helps some members decide. But yes, we see the irony of it too. 🙂

  3. I find the fact that they rate one candidate over another offensive, thus i have always voted the underdog. So in fact their recommendations work in reverse for people of my temperament. Please let me make up my own mind.

  4. Re “FICOM tells us that we should be proud of the changes that we have helped make happen at Coast Capital”. By what means and how was this expressed?

  5. I’m disappointed we are required to vote for THREE candidates to have a valid ballot. I would have voted only for Mark Latham, since I believe he understands the true spirit of what a credit union might be. I was still so disappointed with Coast after last years AGM, that I’ve moved most of my money to CCEC credit union in East Van. Now that is truly a grass roots credit union. Still remaining with Coast to keep working for positive change. Good luck Mark!

  6. I fully agree with the comments from Tom and rajgoaguy. A Board has no business recommending one candidate over another. My voting solution was to not vote for either of the incumbent Directors. After observing the self-serving conduct at the 2014 AGM and the results, I too moved most of my funds from CCS pending and hoping for eventual improvements.

    I became a new member of CCS shortly before the last AGM without any other knowledge of CCS than the hype on its website. When the 2014 AGM documentation arrived I was incredulous and appalled by its borderline-libellous and biased content, as a result of which I discovered this website and became aware of the underlying serious management issues. Thank you, Phil & colleagues, for your efforts and perseverance. I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Mark at the AGM last year and I agree that he warrants my vote.

    I believe your opening paragraph needs a correction, however. Per the CCS website and 2015 AGM document, most regrettably, we/you were NOT successful in removing Bill Wellburn from the Board, only from its Chairmanship. Thanks to the deceptive resolutions overview description in the 2014 AGM document, I’d guess that most members did not notice the details buried in the “fine print” by means of which the new 12-year term-limit-count only started 30 April, 2014 thus protecting the then incumbent Directors for up to 12 years (making, for example, Mr. Wellburn eligible for directorship through 2025) as I understand it.

  7. Hi Phil –
    Thanks for posting about Mark. Of course I voted for him, and not the incumbents.
    What changes have actually happened at CCS that FICOM was alluding to? Do we KNOW that Bill Wellburn will be not allowed to run next year? Has new chair Bill Cooke clarified what he is committed to about term limits?

    I noted that the Board wouldn’t release the Annual Report until voting was closed. How is a member supposed to evaluate an incumbent director candidate in the absence of an Annual Report at minimum?

    Keep on keeping on, my friend. And hi to Scott, too.

    thanks, cheers, Bruce

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