5 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Has anyone checked who is counting the votes. I don’t trust their bland statement about a third party. Who owns this third party?

    • The votes are being counted by ConsumerScan which specializes in assisting companies with the design, administration, and collection of self-completed customer surveys and comment cards. Elections may not be their specialty, but we believe ConsumerScan will act in good faith in counting the ballots. They report the results to Coast Capital and the results are announced to the members at the AGM.

  2. I did not vote due to the “suggested vote” by the booklet. I found this appalling that a professional company should try to sway votes. Disgusting and shame on you Coast Capital.

    • We hope you voted AGAINST Special Resolutions 1-4. If nobody votes against them, they will overrule the Member special resolutions even if the majority of members vote FOR those! That is not right. Makes one think this vote is happening in a Banana republic, not BC! The booklet is confusing to members and leave many confused. Coast Capital says “Have Your Say”, but this should be more than just a slogan.

  3. Hello, looks like this blog might no longer be active, which is sad. CC is still having their annual AGM in May 2019 and there are Special resolutions on the ballot, including a so-called “Ordinary Resolution,” that is about rates of compensation for directors.
    It is also now counted as a Federal Credit Union and they make the argument for why they should get higher compensation because of this.
    All sounds unsettling to me.

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