Bullying by Coast Capital?

Here is a letter we received from one member this week…

I’m personally offended by the one sided bullying propaganda that showed up in my mail box this week. I hope every member takes the time to actually read all of it and cast a truly informed vote. To have the first 3 names on a ballot bolded with stars next to them is such a slap in the face to democracy – we are in BC for crying out loud!

We agree. Please take the time to write the editor of your local paper and say exactly that. We need to send these bullies a message that listening to what members want is NEVER a waste of time and money. Writing a letter to the editor will help to get the message out to other members, and that will send these Directors a big message that what members want matters!

Don’t be Bullied, Be Informed!
It’s your money. It’s your credit union.
Coast is stronger when it listens to its members and its employees!
Vote today!
Dont be a Bully - Be infomed

2 thoughts on “Bullying by Coast Capital?

  1. This, and other insults to our mentality by Coast Capital’s nomination committee are nothing new. The bold text and asterisks have been done for numerous previous elections as well. They also “push” their candidates in the front of the booklet with a “best of” list, place their recommended candidates CVs in the front of the booklet, and in past years, used bright colors on the recommended candidates pages and dull or cold colors on those who were not.

    More importantly, the nomination committee is made up of other board members who have had an agenda to change the board composition for years, toward elitists who are all people who work in finance (CEOs, MBAs, CPAs, CA, etc). I have tracked the supposed “qualifications” the nomination committee has indicated were “weaknesses” in the board membership for years, and somehow they are the same “needs” year after year, people with very high financial education, the ability to sell the brand, expand the presence, etc. It’s never been about improving services, assisting members with their needs, or assisting or improving the communities the credit union resides in, or about increasing democratic rights of the membership. Something must have rattled their cage (after all they themselves keep talking about monsters) because this year the nomination committee actually indicated they wanted someone who had skills in corporate social responsibility, understanding small businesses, human resources and compensation and leadership experience.The board once had people with those qualifications, but they the nomination committee either turfed them, they retired, or they got voted out when they changed the rules. They were teachers, writers, social activists, small local business owners and other caring people, but for the last number of years all they were looking for, year after year were more financial professionals, most of whom obviously were lacking the skills noted above. That’s been clear to anyone who has seen and spoken to the board in the last 10 years, and I personally have brought it to their attention numerous times. The current board just seem to care about increasing their salaries, making the credit union into a national financial institution and having another status position to add to their resume. The credit union also used to proudly use the term “credit union” in its name… That’s why it is so important for people to read the candidates’ resumes and look for people with new skill sets. My personal leaning is toward “alternative candidates” which the board did not recommend because I have grown not to trust them anymore. They obviously don’t trust us to be intelligent enough to make our own decisions.

    The board is supposed to represent the actual membership of the credit union. Does the current board look anything like your life experiences? Is so, then most of the Credit Union members must be the the top 5 or so per cent of income earners in Canada. They claim they need to have very financially literate people because they are responsible for all our money, but the board is not there for that. That is what the auditors and the executive are paid to do. The board is supposed to represent the membership, AND create a vision for the present and future of our credit union. THAT is why we get to vote for them and we don’t vote for the executives who actually RUN the day to day operations of the credit union and keep our money safe, and why big bucks are paid to auditors to make sure they keep things honest.

    Every member needs to read the information about all the candidates (and carefully read the resolutions) and vote with their brains and their heart for people and ideas that they believe in, people who will represent the members’ interests and their visions of what a credit union should be, how it differs from a bank, and what they think the future of their credit union should be, not what we have been told we want by a group of current board members on the nomination committee who are looking out for themselves when their vote comes up in the following year or two, and want to make sure they are recommended by the next nomination committee (talk about conflict of interest!). The board has become a “club” of overly entitled and overly compensated elitists who think they know what’s best for the rest of us. They don’t. Vote for some fresh perspectives, and for candidates who will represent your interests, rather than theirs.

    • Thank you for your comments and for sharing your concerns. We appreciate it.

      Please consider sending these thoughts to various news papers such as the Times-Colonist, the BC Province, the Sun, and the Surrey Now. We need to get the word out and fast.

      We need to get the word out to the thousands of members who buy the line that the group of members we represent (79.7% of those who voted last year) are not a special interest group, but the majority of thinking members who know that Coast Capital is headed in the wrong path, driven their by the real small special interest group: the 10 Directors at Coast Capital.

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