We need 100 more members and employees to attend tomorrow’s Coast Capital AGM.

We have done all we can. The votes are in, but will they be counted correct. Will this election be fair?

Thousands of members have voted, and we thank you. But we need to ask you to do one last thing: we need members to attend the AGM tomorrow to ensure that member votes are counted and audited by an impartial third party before the ballots are destroyed. We need members to vote with a show-of-hands that we want these ballots recounted and the ballot forms should be reviewed for bias.

Employees and Members who believe that credit unions should be run by members for members, are needed tomorrow to restore member control over our credit union. Please commit to coming. It starts at 5pm, but the important voting will start after 6pm.

Want more details about where the AGM is and when? Click here.

Answer our poll to confirm your attendance. We will let you know if we reach our goal of 100 committed members.

1 thought on “We need 100 more members and employees to attend tomorrow’s Coast Capital AGM.

  1. I want to thank the people who have taken so much time to work upon the members’ resolutions, in spite of the continual pushback from Coast Capital Management and Board. I know how much time and energy can be involved. I would, however, like to make some observations for consideration for “next year” now that we know none of the resolutions passed and the board got their usual “recommended” candidates.

    I received two emails sent yesterday, one at about 9 AM and one after 10 PM. As was mentioned in them, people from the island are possibly more active in regard to these matters (at least by percentage) since Pacific Coast/Coast Capital prior to mergers and buy out was anchored here. If indeed the intent is/was to get a large contingent from the island to the annual meeting in Surrey, we need much more heads-up than one day’s notice. Beside the expense, most of us don’t live near the ferry terminal. From where I live it is nearly impossible to get to and return to my home in one day from Vancouver using public transport, and taking my car is a nearly $150 expense.

    As they say, the day after an election defeat is the best time to start planning for the next election, so I bring this to your attention with only the best of considerations, that next year, if the AGM is held on the Mainland again, us islanders need a longer timeline to get there, let alone plan car pools or rental buses.

    These issues are far from over. From the nature of the questions and the applause at the AGM it is obvious that those who attended are overall unhappy with the direction the credit union is taking. We need a better understanding of why they have $750 million in retained earnings squirreled away (that is $1200 for every member), we need more transparency of not only who our philanthropy is going to, but how much and what type of donations (cash or in kind) our community charities are getting. The list contains about 150 organizations, and about $4.8 million was provided them, which is only 7% of profits, while Van City provides 30% of their earnings to philanthropy. We need to find out how much “we” are paying the executives and management of OUR credit union. We need to determine if the board and committees overstepped their legal or regulatory responsibilities by their handling of the resolutions, election of directors, and wording in the printed documentation. Lastly, we need to maintain pressure on the board and management to address the concerns of the members, toward changing policies.

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